Calling all forensic scientists! We are looking to conduct interviews with people from a range of forensics-based backgrounds, including scientists in industry, academic/research staff, students and crime scene investigators. The aim of this project is to provide readers with an insight into your particular field of work, giving you the opportunity to share some insider knowledge and advice with those wishing to pursue a career like yours, or people who just have an interest in the field of work.

The interview will simply involve a few questions which can be answered via email, after which it will be posted on our website.

If you would like to be a part of this project, email us at locardslabblog[at]

We look forward to helping you share your work with the world!

Interview Series Part 1 – Interview with Forensic Identification Scientist Alexandre Beaudoin

Interview Series Part 2 – Interview with Forensic Expert Robert Green OBE

Interview Series Part 3 – Interview with Forensic Expert & Consultant Gareth Bryon

Interview Series Part 4 – Interview with Forensic Identification Specialist Donna Brandelli

Interview Series Part 5 – Interview with Forensic Video Analyst David Spreadborough

Interview Series Part 6 – Interview with Forensic Accountant Sundaraparipurnan Narayanan

Interview Series Part 7 – Interview with Forensic Entomologist Susan Gruner

Interview Series Part 8 – Interview with Digital Forensics Expert Angus Marshall

Interview Series Part 9 – Interview with Forensic Anthropologist Dr Anna Williams

Interview Series Part 10 – Interview with Biological & Forensic Anthropologist Dr Geraldine Fahy

Interview Series Part 11 – Interview with Postgraduate Researcher Winsome Lee

Interview Series Part 12 – Interview with President of IsoForensics Inc., Lesley Chesson

Interview Series Part 13 – Interview with Forensic Archaeologist & Researcher Amy Rattenbury

Interview Series Part 14 – Interview with Forensic Geophysicist Dr Jamie Pringle

Interview Series Part 15 – Interview with Forensic Physician Samar Abdel azim Ahmed

Interview Series Part 16 – Interview with Program Director Max Houck

Interview Series Part 17 – Interview with Forensic Taphonomist Professor Shari Forbes

4 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. As a former senior police officer, an SSM, a Director of regional forensic services ,a major crime consultant to the Forensic Science Service and a founding director of the Forensic and Policing Services Association – I would be very happy to be interviewed for the Locard’s Lab.
    Gareth Bryon


  2. Great resource. My students presented these topics in class and made posters. Very inspiring interviews. Definitely recommend this website. Thank you!


  3. Hi, I’m a lecturer in forensic science trained in forensic archaeology and crime scene investigation originally. Happy to be interviewed about my background or current work at our taphonomic research facility.


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